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Safety is the most important word in the chemical products industry.  To put it simply, packaging that leaks is nothing more than a pretty package. A utilitarian container that does its job well is vital when dealing with chemicals and toxic materials.

At Packaging Logistics, we operate with safety as our number one priority. Our customers know they can rely on the stability and security inherent in every container and closure we offer in the chemicals industry. 

Ideal for drug or chemical products, our glass containers provide reliable packaging for strong chemicals and solvents. We also have a wide selection of handled industrial containers and F-Styles, ranging in capacity from 4 oz. to 2.5 gallons. These sturdy containers can be used for lubricants, household chemicals, industry chemicals, and more.

Additionally, our stackable pails are designed with built-in handgrips and handles for easy portability. With safety and security as a priority, our sturdy containers have hinged covers that snap down easily for secure reclosure.

At Packaging Logistics, we’ll make your products stand out by virtue of innovative and consumer-friendly packaging. We’re always searching for new and better packaging options to meet the evolving needs of the chemicals industry.
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