Decoration & Labeling

Without a doubt, the visual appeal of your product determines its success in the marketplace. Decoration and labeling are integral parts of the branding process and are critical in influencing how consumers perceive your product and brand.

Packaging Logistics will work with you to create packaging that keeps your product at the top of consumers’ minds.

When it comes to subconsciously conveying a message about your product to consumers, the color, type, and shape of your product’s label are all important things to consider. At Packaging Logistics, we offer dozens of choices in creative labeling that will imprint your brand in the customer’s mind. Choose from a wide selection of options to best meet your needs, including:


  • Screen Printing
  • Pad Printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Color Matching
  • Frosting
  • And more

To be successful, your packaging—size, shape, color, and labeling—must command the attention of your target market. 

“The medium is the message,” philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said. Packaging Logistics can create decoration and labeling that commands attention, communicates your brand message, and tells your product’s story in a memorable way.

Border Whisky Label

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