Product Development & Custom Mold Design

We are committed to be a Best Practices company at heart and we pride ourselves in delivering the best options for our clients—even when it's not the best option for us. We’re not committed to a single type of package or process, nor are we wedded to a single manufacturer.

Working with Packaging Logistics to develop your product and design is a collaborative effort in which the sharing of ideas and the flow of discussions helps your company make the right decisions for your product.

Custom designed products are a Packaging Logistics specialty. Whether your goal is to make your product stand out on a store’s shelf or to improve the sustainability of your packaging, we’ll meet—and exceed—those goals.

To help you differentiate your brand, Packaging Logistics provides a wide range of stock product offerings that save you from having to purchase expensive tooling from another manufacturer. Whether you need glass, metal, or plastic packaging, our knowledgeable representatives not only apply due diligence in researching your options, but guarantee to follow best practices in the packaging industry when creating your custom solution. 

Because we represent quality manufacturing facilities around the world, we have no commitment to a single manufacturer to sell machine time. As a result, Packaging Logistics is uniquely positioned to offer the following processes:

  • Blow Molding (Plastic Bottles)
  • Stretch Blow Molding (Bottles)
  • Compression Molding (Pails & Tubs)
  • Injection Molding (Caps & Closures)
  • Dispensing (Caps)
  • Dispensing Systems (Sprayers & Pumps)

Innovators who think “outside the bottle,” we’re constantly creating new product development drawings and model prototypes to ensure we’re able to recommend the best process for your project. 

No packaging challenge is too great for us. We see every challenge as an opportunity to find a solution. Let us find the best one for your product.

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