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When you have a heavy load to ship, count on Packaging Logistics to lighten it. We deliver your shipment to its destination on time and on budget. Economy, timeliness, quality, and trust are the hallmarks of our logistics process.

Our busy clients know that finding a quality carrier, calculating freight costs, selecting from various transportation options, and negotiating a contract can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. When you work with Packaging Logistics, it’s a process you don’t have to worry about. 

Our clients choose us not only because of the quality components and designs we offer, but because they know we will find the most economical means to ship their products. We will save you time and eliminate hassle by choosing the best carrier for your needs from a number of experienced freight handlers whom we know and trust. 

At Packaging Logistics, we understand the importance of adhering to your financial plans. We also know that transportation costs can vary greatly due to variations in weight and distance. That’s why we carefully consider the cost of shipping when estimating your total packaging budget. Our experience, alongside the due diligence we exercise in every packaging decision, has given us first-hand knowledge of the best, most cost-efficient routes from our manufacturing and distribution centers.

While our services start with selecting the right packaging for your product, our job isn’t done until your product reaches its destination. We’ll work with you to make your transportation program a success.
Transportation Logistics
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